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String Quartet

The most popular choice for weddings and corporate events. The string quartet features two violins, viola and cello. The sound is rich and full, and is perfect for any size of wedding, party, reception, meal, or conference event.

Flute Quartet

The flute quartet is similar to the string quartet, consisting of flute, violin, viola and cello. The sound is as rich and full as the string quartet, but the  ethereal quality of the flute brings an extra beauty to the sound and is particularly popular to provide music for the marriage ceremony and drinks reception.

String Trio

The string trio consists of either 2 violins and cello, or violin, viola and cello. It is particularly suited to weddings in smaller venues where space may be at a premium, as there are only 3 players. The sound has a lovely clarity, as well as being rich in tone.

Flute Trio

The flute trio consists of flute, violin and cello, or flute, viola and cello. The sound is delicate and refined, the clear timbre of the flute contrasting with the warmness of the stringed instruments. It is often used to provide music for a smaller wedding ceremony, drinks reception or wedding meal.

Cello And Piano, Cello And Keyboard

The cello is the largest and deepest stringed instrument in the string quartet and makes a wonderful singing tone which creates a very special atmosphere for any special event needing music. It is particularly suited to playing for the wedding ceremony, funerals, concerts and smaller gatherings.


The cello on its own creates a wonderfully evocative sound and could provide beautiful music for the wedding service, particularly for moments like the signing of the register.

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