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String Quartet, flute quartet, string trio, flute trio, solo cello for weddings

Your wedding is arguably the most important day in your life and one you will spend a lot of time planning, to get it just right.

If you are the bride, you will want to glide down the aisle, dress flowing, to the most sublime and uplifting music, chosen especially for that moment.

Here are a few answers to Frequently Asked Questions to help you make the right decisions for your event.

What is a string quartet?

Click here for a description of the different groups available.

Why use a string quartet?

Whether you opt for a string quartet, flute quartet, string trio, flute cello or even cello solo (see groups available), we have been told time and time again by couples and guests that the live music “makes” the day and gives an extra special and personal touch to the ceremony, in particular.

Can you play my favourite song?

Yes, we have a great deal of good arrangements of great songs which are suitable for your wedding ceremony, from popular classics such as Pachelbel's Canon, to film themes such as The Secret Wedding from Braveheart. We are always adding to our repertoire, but you can browse our lists here.

If you don't see your favourite song of all time on our list, don't hesitate to ask us, as we may have an arrangement or be able to arrange it especially for the occasion, for a very modest extra fee. We believe it is very important for you to be completely happy with the choice of music for the ceremony, so we will do our utmost to provide the right music which will make your day even more special.

How do I choose appropriate music?

It is not necessary for you to know about classical music to have AlbaMusica play at your wedding. We are professional classical musicians so we can advise on choice of music for every part of your day. Each part of the ceremony requires a different type of music, which is explained here on our choice of music page . There are also suggestions and repertoire lists here. However if you wish further help, or would like us to make a choice for you, please do not hesitate to email or phone Lindsay Martindale to ask for advice or run your suggestions by her.

Why Albamusica?

AlbaMusica uses only professional classical musicians of the highest calibre for your wedding. Our musicians regularly work with professional orchestras such as the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the Scottish Ballet and Scottish Opera Orchestras. Because we are all professionals, we play with that exquisite string sound (and gorgeous ethereal flute sound if you wish, too) that you need to waft the bride up the aisle, to entertain your guests with something really beautiful as you sign the marriage register, and to celebrate in style as you leave as newlyweds at the end of the service.

Which parts of the wedding need live music?

Click here to find out more about the choice of wedding music

Can you play for a church wedding?

Yes. Many people opt for a church wedding but still want the music to be extra special. There may be an organist available for the hymns, but the sound of a string quartet in a church is truly glorious and uplifting. You may choose to use a flute quartet or string quartet for the processional (entrance of the bride), the signing of the register, and the recessional (the exit of the bride and groom), and leave the wedding hymns to the organist, or you may choose for us to play the hymns too, which works just as well.

Can you play for a wedding in a hotel?

Yes. A small group of musicians is essential for a wedding in a hotel or similar venue, where there is no organ or organist as in a church. This can be a string quartet, flute quartet, string trio, flute trio, or indeed cello and piano/keyboard or solo cello. The group you choose to hire will be dependent on the sound you would like and the space available. Each group is explained here.

Can you play for a funeral?

Yes. Many people remark on how special it is to have music at a funeral.

Can you play for a dinner or corporate event?

Yes. We play at all sorts of different events, exhibition openings, private parties, meals, corporate functions, for instance.

We have a piper, can we have both?

Yes, there is no problem with using a piper and a trio/quartet, as long as we are not playing at the same time in the same room! Normally the piper will be outside and we will be inside, or we will alternate when we play. We can liaise with the piper if necessary.

How much room does a trio/quartet need?

A string player needs about twice as much room as a normal guest. We need 4 chairs spaced out in a semicircle for a quartet, three for a trio.

Can I come to hear you play?

As we generally play at private functions, this is not normally possible. Please be assured, however of the high calibre of the players. You can hear some short clips here.

May I talk with somebody in person?

By all means! Contact details are here.

How do I pay? Is there a deposit?

There is a deposit of £100 payable by cheque at the time of signing the contract. The balance is payable 6 weeks before the date of the event, also by cheque.

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